Olivia Rigg – General Manager

Olivia joined Cultivate London in 2017.

Auberon Bayley – Operations Manager

Auberon joined Cultivate London in 2015 and manages our Landscape Gardening business. He comes from a creative background, and has previous experience tutoring young people in horticulture. His favourite plant is Myrtle (myrtus communis), and he can make your lawn look amazing.

Patricia Randl – Grower

Patricia (Patty) is one of Cultivate London’s fabulous Growers. She helps oversee the Salopian Garden, and is also our event planner extraordinaire.

Michael – Landscape Gardening Apprentice

Michael first joined Cultivate London as a Trainee in March 2015. He was later hired as an Intern before joining our Landscape Gardening team full-time in January 2016. He is ace at strimming.

Francis – Landscape Gardening Apprentice

Francis also started with Cultivate London as a Trainee in March 2015, before becoming an Intern and then an Apprentice. He is an excellent horticulturalist with a keen interest in rare and exotic plants (he has grown a coffee plant from seed (in his back garden!). He is currently helping lead our “Green Hanwell” project.

Cole – Landscape Gardening Apprentice

Cole joined Cultivate London as an Apprentice in January 2017. His fantastic design skills bring a creative flare to our work.