Cultivate London

Cultivate London Team
Adrienne Attorp General Manager

Adrienne Attorp - Chief Execuitve

Adrienne Attorp is Cultivate London’s Chief Executive. Hailing from Canada, she has a background in sustainable agriculture and food policy. Before joining Cultivate London she worked with the Growing People Project, a horticultural social enterprise based in Milton Keynes. Her favourite vegetable is asparagus.

Auberon Bayley - Landscape Gardener

Auberon joined Cultivate London in 2015 and manages our Landscape Gardening business. He comes from a creative background, and has previous experience tutoring young people in horticulture. His favourite plant is Myrtle (myrtus communis), and he can make your lawn look amazing.

Patricia Randl - Grower

Patricia (Patty) is one of Cultivate London's fabulous Growers. She helps oversee the Salopian Garden, and is also our event planner extraordinaire.

Matthew Watts - Grower

Matt is another of Cultivate London's Growers, and helps oversee Salopian Garden. A farmer hailing from Gloucestershire, he is passionate about soil and about growing delicious vegetables. He is also a chef, and is master of our pizza oven.
Darrell Apprentice

Darrell - Senior Apprentice

Darrell joined the Cultivate London team in March 2014 after taking part in Ealing Council's Pathways programme. He is currently attending Capel Manor College to work towards a level 3 Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Gardening. He is also a keen footballer and coaches a youth team in Ealing in his spare time.

Michael - Landscape Gardening Apprentice

Michael first joined Cultivate London as a Trainee in March 2015. He was later hired as an Intern before joining our Landscape Gardening team full-time in January 2016. He is ace at strimming.

Francis - Landscape Gardening Apprentice

Francis also started with Cultivate London as a Trainee in March 2015, before becoming an Intern and then an Apprentice. He is an excellent horticulturalist with a keen interest in rare and exotic plants (he has grown a coffee plant from seed (in his back garden!)). He is currently helping lead our "Green Hanwell" project.

Ilana - Landscape Gardening Apprentice

Ilana joined Cultivate London as an Apprentice in January 2017. She too leads our "Green Hanwell" project, and when not busy planting vegetables, is also Cultivate London's in-house social media guru.

Cole - Landscape Gardening Apprentice

Cole joined Cultivate London as an Apprentice in January 2017. His fantastic design skills bring a creative flare to our work.