Trainee feedback

This experience has really transformed me. At first I couldn’t even face talking to anyone, and now I am here every day.

I feel more confident and more optimistic about my future. I feel like I have a useful skill to offer people.

My confidence has really improved. Even my family have noticed.

Coming to work and being with other people who have problems like I do…it makes me feel like I am not the only one. It makes me feel less lonely, and like I can make it.

My son has been ill for several years, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Therapies offered to him via our doctor hadn’t made much of an impression, but when he started the volunteering and traineeship schemes we saw him turn a corner, gain confidence and start to enjoy life again. Thank you Cultivate London for being there for him!

I have got way better at being on time. At my last volunteering I was late every day, but now I am here early!

Cultivate London has provided a lifeline for our son. The supportive and caring ethos has helped him rediscover a degree of self-esteem and confidence again.

Cultivate London did not just help with my physical and mental health, it also improved my confidence and social life. I learnt I was not the only person with these issues.

Yes it has been challenging – probably more challenging for someone like me than someone that does not have to face these issues I have had to face and still face to this day. But with the support from the Cultivate London team as well as keeping myself busy with a job that I enjoy, I have been able to overcome the darkest times of my life.

I’m growing a crop from seed all the way to the point where it is harvested and sold . . . Uchiki Kuri, a type of squash, and they are looking fantastic!