Grant Funded Projects

Salopian Schools Programme

Who are we helping:
With our qualified education officer, we work with various schools (primary & secondary) in the Hounslow borough.  Delivering a series of workshops relevant to a range of curriculum subjects including Science, D&T, Geography and Art, as well as PSHE and Citizenship. All our workshops are tailored to the relevant year group.

Get involved:
We are currently seeking funding to offer these workshops to schools again.

DIG Development

Our latest community garden.  We are delighted to have recently received funding to get this unused space opened for community use. We are currently working on the lease agreement with the council and hope to be able to open our doors to volunteers and community groups by the end of August 2021.

Our grateful thanks to the following who have enabled this project:

The Lord Mayors ‘MAKE’ London funding
Future Ealing Funding
William Hobbayne Charity
Many donations from individuals & local residents

If you are interested in volunteering at this site please email us.

Salopian outdoor kitchen

What are we doing:
Enhance the outdoor kitchen at the Salopian. Designed by a panel of experts in kitchen design, outdoor cooking and community cafés, educational cooking to be fully accessible for all, and will be environmentally innovative

Who are we helping:
Residents of Hounslow, all visitors to the Salopian Kitchen Garden

Who are we working with:
London Borough of Hounslow

Family Friendly Salopian

Who are we helping:
Families with small children in Hounslow and beyond

Who are we working with:
People’s Postcode Trust

Get involved:
Come and join the Salopian Seedlings, volunteer, enjoy the garden, learn how to grow your own food and get some fresh air every Wednesday 10am – 4pm.

Brentford Together

What are we doing:
Healthy eating in Brentford with how to grow food, link with cooking and eating healthily

Who are we helping:
Residents of all ages in Brentford

Who are we working with:
Big Lottery has funded this programme and we are delighted to be working alongside LSX, Hen Corner, Friends of Cathja to deliver it

The Hub Garden Rejuvenation

Having completed the rejuvenation of this space for the local community to enjoy. We had to stop work as it closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  This site will be opening as soon as possible. We hope to get back in there and work once again with the residents of the Beaver Estate and the wider community.

Innovation Communities Together

What are we doing:
Design & build 3 new community green sites in Hounslow, Kingston and Richmond and deliver a series of workshops, sessions and volunteering opportunities to LEAH clients and residents of each of the those boroughs at each site throughout 2019

Who are we helping:
LEAH clients, residents of Hounslow, Kingston and Richmond

Who are we working with:
LEAH who we’re delighted to be delivering this project with and funded by Integrated Communities Innovation Fund

Soup4Lunch at Salopian

Gardening and cooking sessions at the garden, followed by community café ; soup lunch, rage of activities aimed at 60+

Due to the coronavirus pandemic this group activity had to cease. We are hoping to work with them again sometime later in the year.

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