Saturday 2nd March ‘Bread, Chicks & Seeds’
Salopian Garden, 689 London Road, Isleworth, TW7 4ES
10 am – 2 pm

Our next Open Day is on Saturday 2nd March with the theme ‘Bread, Chicks & Seeds’. Our event coincides with Real Bread Week and is a marker for Spring (we are also introducing chickens to the garden in March) so we will be running workshops to ready us for these event.

For £2 you can take part in our bread workshop and learn all about sourdough and make fougasse (flat breads) which are baked in our cob oven. You’ll be introduced to the intriguing world of bread by Sara Ward, Hen Corner. Check out the event on the Real Bread Map!

You can help us to prepare for the arrival of the chickens by helping dig and level the site for their new run (please wear your favourite outdoor weather appropriate clothes and don’t forget your sturdy shoes!). Or consider a name for our new friends!

March kicks off the growing season and signifies seed sowing. Come and learn how to grow a champion crop and get the garden off to a healthy start. All of the produce we grow in the garden goes is eaten at one of our many community events throughout the year and any surplus is sold to buy seeds for the coming year.

We’ll be encouraging you to do a spot of urban greening too by showing you how to make seeds bombs filled with wildflower seeds. It’s the perfect time of year for sowing wildflowers on bare patches of ground.

Refreshments are also available: £3 for a healthy portion of soup and cob-oven-baked bread. 50p for a mug of herbal tea made from dried herbs grown in the garden.

Chickens at Salopian Garden

You can learn more about urban chicken keeping on Wednesday 20th March with Sarah Ward, Hen Corner who will be sharing more of her knowledge of farming in the city. Sara will be teaching how us how to look after our new feathery friends. You will also have chance to sign up to our chicken duty rota to look after the chickens in exchange for quality chicken time and fresh eggs!

Volunteering at Cultivate London

Learn new skills, meet great people and help a community garden to grow. Cultivate London offers volunteers a range of horticultural and social opportunities to learn, practise and progress. Everyone is welcome… No experience necessary! Volunteering takes place every Wednesday at Salopian Garden between 10 am and 4 pm – you can drop in throughout the day and volunteer as much time as you can. There are also volunteer opportunities available across other Cultivate London projects – ask Rosie for more information

Coming soon

Throughout the year, on one weekend of every month, we will be hosting a Family Open Day at the Salopian Garden. They are timed to coincide with major national and international campaigns that align with the work that Cultivate London does, so we’ve created a theme for each month (which extends across all of our community projects) that focuses on exciting topics for everyone to enjoy. Each Open Day will tie in the horticultural skills that will be taught and practised during that month and we’ll be offering food, activities and mini workshops run by experts in that specific field on the day.

Saturday 2nd March – Bread, Chicks & Seeds
Saturday 13th April – Herbs & Citizen Science
Sunday 5th May – Wellbeing (Human & Plant)
Sunday 9th June – Growing Together
Saturday 20th July – Pollinators
Saturday 17th August – Gluts & Preserves
Sunday 29th September – Generation & Regeneration
Sunday 20th October – Harvest
Saturday 16th November – Compost & Kindness
Sunday 8th December – Volunteering

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