Hampton Court Garden Festival

Local communities come out in force to showcase their grow-your-own skills  and wonderful people. 
Come and chat to us at the next event and find out more about our story and how you can get involved too in our local garden projects.


The story of this structure is inspired by the surrounding regeneration project of the South Acton Estate where our HQ are.

The structure was originally designed by a former staff member, Columb Friel, who successfully graduated through the horticultural apprenticeship with us and is now a professional garden designer!

Themes and plant setups curated by our CEO Auberon Bayley, who each year collaborates with a member of staff to give a new dress to the structure.

Each time, the structure stays the same and the theme changes slightly, but the overarching message we want to pass on stays the same: you can grow your own even in small places. 

Find out more of each year’s theme:


The Found Garden

The Regeneration Plot II