Community Engagement

Using our combined years of experience working with local communities in London through horticulture & urban green spaces, we provide practical consultation for community groups and engagement consultation for commercial organisations, alongside workshops and sessions for community engagement at your site or at any one of the ones we manage.

We work with other community groups to provide on the ground horticultural skills and expertise for their green spaces including; design and development of the growing spaces, ongoing maintenance, yearly growing plans, community engagement plans and activities, seasonal events.


We are delighted to have secured this community site through fundraising and very generous grants from the Mayor of London’s ‘MAKE LONDON’ funding initiative, Ealings ‘FUTURE EALING’ fund and William Hobbayne charity who focus on local needs in the Hanwell area. a plethora of pledges from individuals and local residents, along with a promotional push from the BBC London news! Once we’ve tackled the paperwork and received the funding we can put in place a targeted open community-based programme of events. providing weekly sessions to learn and practice new skills, in a wide variety of horticultural areas.

Watch this space for more news!


In spring 2019, the team transformed this once thriving community garden back to its former glory and then continued to manage the garden over the following seasons, , whilst providing weekly sessions for local community members to enable them to make the best use of their green space, grow food that can supply the community café in the centre and/or to take home and use. The intention is that the community will eventually take over full control of the space. We are currently looking at the best way to facilitate this.


Work here started in April 2018 and has been very successful for the community, we continue to over- see this garden on a regular basis and it is a great example of community ‘buy in’ demonstrating that these spaces can have longevity.

Community Volunteering

Volunteers make an important contribution to our work and we always welcome volunteers at all the sites. Volunteering is a key strategy for involving local people in their environment, for them to get outside and enjoying both the physical and mental benefits of doing ‘slow work’, learn how to grow food and plants in urban spaces and meet other local people.

The Salopian Garden is open to anyone who wants to volunteer with us every Wednesday throughout the year. We have strong cohort of regulars and new people joining all the time – no experience necessary, just a can do attitude!

‘During the current Coronavirus pandemic Volunteering is by appointment in order to comply with government restrictions – email if you are interested’.

We also work closely with other local community groups, including youth groups and Ealing GoodGym to attract volunteers. We have numerous volunteer opportunities across all the other sites we manage. For more information please contact us.

Health and Wellbeing

Through increased physical activity and access to green spaces our work helps the community by:

  • Reducing isolation and promoting wellbeing: we bring people together for group activities in community settings, including initiatives targeted at isolated men and women, young mothers and older people.
  • Creating healthier neighbourhoods: we involve people in improving their local parks and green spaces, creating routes for walking and cycling and using green infrastructure to tackle air pollution.
  • Encouraging physical activity: we encourage people to be more active by taking part in practical conservation volunteering, and we use sport and physical activity in many of our youth programmes.
  • Enabling healthier eating: we give people the chance to learn about and grow their own food in a sociable setting, demonstrate healthier cooking and broaden people’s culinary choices.

We work with a variety of local partners to deliver projects at the Salopian Garden that help create healthier, greener places to live, and run community activities that encourage healthier living and support people through practical volunteering to improve their wellbeing and manage health conditions.

Salopian Outdoor Kitchen

We are working to enhance the outdoor kitchen and cooking facilities at the Salopian Garden. This will mean we can run enhanced projects to learn hands-on how to link food growing to healthy eating, helping people of all ages learn about and access fresh produce, and gain skills critical to a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you to Heathrow Community Fund who have made this possible.

This will mean that as many of our community members as possible can benefit from the ‘field to fork’ experience we offer at the Salopian Garden. We will create kitchen units specifically designed to be accessible to children, elderly community members, wheelchair users and others with limited mobility. We want everyone who would like to take part in on-site cooking activities to be able to do so.

In short, new kitchen facilities at the Salopian Garden will mean more local people will be able to gain new cooking skills and learn about both food growing and healthy eating. We will also be able bring more people together, more often. There is no better way to build community than through growing, cooking and eating food together.

Community involvement. The Soup4Lunch community café has already been able to run a programme of activities with the updates so far, this will be further enhanced as we progress with the updating of the kitchen. It is the start of what we hope will be a long-term partnership between CL and Soup4Lunch at the Salopian Garden.

Environmental innovation: we are consulting with other community gardens, organizations with outdoor kitchens, CL partners (Hen Corner & London Cooking Project), local chefs, innovators and environmentalists to make the facilities as innovative and environmentally friendly as possible.