Award Winning in November and December

The past couple of weeks have been great ones for Cultivate London, with both our organisation and our staff receiving accolades for the work we are doing in Hounslow and Ealing.

We are exceptionally proud to announce that Cultivate London apprentice Sean Connor was named Ealing Council Apprentice Network “Apprentice of the Year” at last week’s apprenticeship awards, held at Ealing Town Hall.

Sean has been with us from the very beginning, first starting as a volunteer trainee when Cultivate London was operating with only “a few poles in the ground” (the beginnings of our first poly tunnel), on one site in Brentford. After volunteering for a few months as a trainee, Sean was hired as an apprentice, as he demonstrated a fantastic work ethic and a keen (if newfound) interest in horticulture, particularly food growing.

He took to the new role right away, and worked hard over the next two years to finish a level 2 diploma in Horticulture. He has done so well with us that he has now moved on to a senior, level 3 diploma, and is Cultivate London’s senior apprentice.

Sean was very pleased to have received the honour, saying: “It was a great surprise to win the Ealing Council Network Apprentice of the Year, and it has given me great ambition for the next growing season and for my future career. I would really like to aim for the National Apprentice of the Year next year! I would also like to thank Cultivate London for the support they have given me from the beginning.”

We would like to congratulate Sean for his achievement, as well as thank Ealing Council for the recognition and for putting on a great event.

More recently, last night at London’s inaugural Urban Food Awards, held at Whole Food’s flagship store in High Street Kensington, Cultivate London was named runner up in the category of “Best food-growing enterprise”. The honour went to Growing Kultur, who do fantastic work growing herbs and edible flowers in Kensington and Chelsea.

Congratulations to all of last night’s winners (, and to everyone else who was nominated for the awards. Thank you to Wholefoods for a wonderful evening – the event was fantastic, and we are already looking forward to next year!

Thanks again to everyone for the support you have shown Cultivate London.