Cultivate London on South Acton Estate, We Need Your HELP

As many of you may know, Cultivate London is in the middle of setting up a growing site on the South Acton Estate in Ealing, and will be operating from there early in the new year. Just this week we have launched the project on Spacehive, a crowdfunding site, as part of Ealing Council’s “Transform Your Space” initiative.

We, along with a number of other community projects, are bidding for support from the council, who are looking for projects that have significant community support. This means that WE NEED YOU! At this stage all we require is you going to our page on Spacehive and “following” us and if you’re feeling extra supportive, leaving a positive comment for us at the bottom of our pitch. If you could also help us spread the word that would be wonderful – we need as much help as we can get!

Lastly, if you are feeling particularly ambitious, if you would like to send in e-mails and/or letters of support, we would be most happy too receive them: SEND EMAIL

Any questions or comments, please do get in touch. We are looking forward to achieving some fantastic things on South Acton Estate, and hope you are able to support us in doing so. Thank you!